OMAHA, NE – WOWT 6 – A family is making it their mission to help build a home for the brave in their neighborhood.

The home would help wounded warriors, specifically those with a brain and spinal cord injuries. There is just one hurdle – the land isn’t zoned properly.

“There are 80 acres right here that is zoned as agriculture. The wish is to rezone it to residential so w can build this house for the wounded warriors,” said Heather Goertz.

Right now the project is moving slowly because Goertz says the Planning Commission has slotted the piece of land for industrial use in the distant future.

The facility would cost around $10 million dollars and would be close enough to Omaha for medical facilities and other support.

“We don’t want them to live out their lives in a long-term care assisted facility where they feel like they are the odd man out. We would like for them to have a place they can call home,” said Goertz.

Wounded Warriors Family Support would build and operate the 24 bedroom facility. They would like to have it opened by Christmas of 2020.