OMAHA, NE – August 10, 2020 –  I-GO Van and Storage will apply Dunham House decals to their trailers at their Omaha facility, August 13, 2020, 2 PM (CDT).

Jeff Nogg, Co-Owner and Vice President of Sales and Business Development: “I-Go Van & Storage Company is honored to help build first specific combat wounded care residence of its kind in the United States. We support Dunham House in its important mission. We will engage the other 500+ United Van Lines/Mayflower agents throughout the United States to get the Dunham House vision in front of millions of Americans. This is an important and unique mission that is worthy of the support of all Americans.”

John D. Folsom: “This a fantastic contribution by Jeff Nogg and his team at I-Go. To have hundreds of United Van Lines and Mayflower trailers with our message carried all across the United States is a great “information operations” asset for Dunham House. The more who know about our unique mission, the more support we will earn.”

The above video shows how easy it is to apply a Dunham House Vinyl Decal to the back of a trailer.